Consulting vs Banking - Some Thoughts

So I have alluded to many times that I will blog about the difference between bankers and consultants. We all know that there is an age old rivalry between bankers and consultants.

30 April, 2018
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Taxes: A Fine Mess (T.R.Reid)

Working on my taxes this weekend, which is no fun. I’d rather be blogging. Recently read T.R. Reid’s book on taxes, aptly titled: A Fine Mess (affiliate link). If you’ve read any of his previous books, you know he is a pretty expansive thinker, willing to take on super-macro topics. The last book I read was The Healing of America (affiliate link) where Reid analyzes the four different types of health systems you find globally.

29 April, 2018
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Deloitte interviews Thomas Friedman: The Future of Work

Just read a 5,000 word interview with Thomas Friedman here. To say that I am a Friedman fan, would be an understatement. The Pulitzer Prize winning author is beyond wise. Lexus and the Olive Tree and The World is Flat (affiliate links) are incredibly important books.

28 April, 2018
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