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Win Corporate Advisors Private Limited
"Adding Value To Your Business"
Corporate Secretarial -  Compliance Management - Legal Support Services
We offer a varied and diversified type of services right from the inception of a idea to making it a reality. Broadly speaking we can categorize our services in the following categories
Corporate Secretarial services
Maintaining of statutory registers, minutes and records under the Companies Act
Arranging and Assisting in Secretarial Compliance and obtaining Compliance Certificate
Arranging Certification on ROC e-forms and  E filing of Forms with MCA Portal (including Annual filing)
Extensible Business reporting language (XBRL) filing
Registration of charge over assets of the company (secured loans) under the Companies Act
Shares -Transfer and Transmission; Consolidation /Sub-Division; Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate 
Compliances with the corporate actions such as change of
      >> Name
      >> Registered office
      >> Memorandum of Association (Object/Capital/etc.)
      >> Articles of Association
      >> Share holders Agreements
Appointment and resignation of a Director(s) / Managing Director / Whole Time Director / Manager /  Additional directors / Alternate
  Directors /  Nominee Directors.
Regularlisation of Related Party Transaction - Payment of remuneration, Transactions wherein directors are interested, Removal,
  Provision of Loan
Auditors- Appointment , Change and Removal
Holding Board Meetings / Committee Meetings / General Meetings of Shareholders
Winding up of Companies
Payment of dividend                        
Postal ballot
Assisting in Open Public Offer
Accepting deposits / borrowings (unsecured loans)
Transfer of funds to Investor Education and Protection Fund
Handling Initial Public Offer / FPO compliance / Preparation of prospectus / Listing of securities.
>> Listed Company (Specific)
Compliance Management
Assisting Client in FDI Compliance / FEMA Compliance
Allotments of shares to Foreign Companies / Non Residents / Foreign Venture Capital Fund.
Transfer of Shares to/ from Resident to Non resident and Viceversa.
Valuation of Shares as per Discounted cash flow method and compliance certificate for RBI-FEMA Compliance
Overseas investment compliance
Filling of Annual Return with
>> Services to Foreign Companies in FDI Compliance as per FEMA Regulations
Investee company compliance
Fund Compliance management
Share holders / Share subscription Agreement
>> Services to Private Equity and Venture Capitalist
Legal / Finacial / Secretarial Due Diligence of Target Companies
Preparation of Search report
Due diligence certificate and compliance review
Background checks of company
Valuation services
>> Due Diligence services
We arrange appearance before various Authorities such as
Company Law Board(CLB)/Regional Director(RD) & Registrar Of companies(ROC)/ Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI)
Income tax(IT Dept.) / Service Tax(ST) / Value Added Tax(VAT) /Central Sales Tax(CST)
Courts/ Official Liquidator
>> Appearance / Representation Services
>> Obtaining approval from Government / Regulatory Authorities
>> Merger - Amalgamation/ Liquidation
Preparation of  Merger Scheme
Valuation report
Arranging High court Appearance
Clearance from RD / OL / ROC / Stamp Duty
>> Liquidation: Fast Track Scheme
Voluntary winding up, winding up subject to supervision of court
Document Review and Documents Drafting
Shareholders Agreement drafting
Standard contract / Agreement Templates
Legal Research & Writing
Litigation Support
Patent Support Services
Trade Mark Services     
   Legal Support Services
We provide support in the following areas
>> Document Review and Documents drafting
The purpose is to provide Legal Standing of the party, Pros and Con of the Agreements & Mutual Rights & Obligation of the party
We also assist in drafting of legal documents/deeds/contracts etc.
>> Standard contract / Agreement Templates
We vet and draft the standard form of contractual documents, Deeds and Agreements to protect the interest of our clients.
We also do research on the given subject matter/issue realted to the business of the Clinet.
>> Legal Research & Writing
We do the final level document review to identify whether or not documents are:
relevant to the case at hand
And assist you in selection of Counsel/Advocates and follow up matters.

>> Litigation Support
We provide full service for registering trademark in India. Our India Trademark Registration includes preparation and filing trademark application, notifying acceptance of the trademark application or objections thereto by the authorities, advising the publication of application in Trademarks Journal and forwarding a copy of the relevant page publication and other follow up services.

We also have patent research support service for patent searching, Patent Infringement Searching, customized searching and proof reading.

>> Trade Mark and Patent Support Services
Obtaining Registration from various government department
Obtaining Business Liecence
Renewal of above Liecence