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Accounts / Tax / Audit / Valuation Services
Book-keeping, Audit and Assurance Support, Tax, Payroll and Valuation services :
>> Virtual CFO
Book-keeping and MIS: The accounts of the entity need to be maintained as per the requirements of Accounting Standards  
                                       prescribed and in confirmity with domestic law provisions. We also help International companies to help them
                                       understand local law requirements.
Banking transaction: Help in setting up bank account, maintaining and operating it as per client's instructions.

Accounts Payable: Making payments to vendor as per the contract/invoice.

MIS : Preparation of report to reporting authority/Parent company.

How we can help: We provide a total outsourced CFO service so that an enterprise does not need to employ a CFO or set-up a separate account department. We provide cost-efficient solutions to small to medium enterprises by giving the virtual CFO services.
>> Audit Support Services
As prevailed in other countries, the financial statements need to be audited under the respective Act, which is known as Statutory Audit. This includes compliance to local Accounting Standard as required under the Law, presentation of FS, Determination of Accounting Policy, Cash flow statements.

The first auditor need to be appointed by BOD in first meeting and thereafter by members in every AGM.

Apart from Statutory audit, the other audits as per applicability are as under.

Tax Audit Applicable in case the turnover exceeds 10 mio INR

Transfer Price Audit - Applicable in case the there are international transaction between two associate enterprise. The popular examples 
                                  are sale/purchase/loan/guarantee transactions entered by Indian Subsidiary / Associate Company of MNC with the            
                                  Parent or other associate/group company of the MNC group.

Management Audit - At the discretion of Management.

Internal Audit - At the discretion of Management and compulsory in certain case.

Cost Audit Applicable to prescribed industries.

How can we help We provide audit support services in form of

Preparation of Financial Statements

Help completion of above audit.

Management audit.

Preparation of necessary documents, schedule.

Determining and framing Accounting Policies.

Providing necessary answers and working to auditors.
>> Payroll and Employee benefits
Help in designing tax-efficient compensation package.

Processing of payroll.

Issue of pay-slips.

Payroll taxes and deductions.

Retirement benefits.

ESOPs.-Scheme, Valuation and Tax assistance

How can we help:
Compensation to employee is a key element for healthy human resource of an enterprise. We help enterprise to frame right compensation policy and compliances with regulators thereof.
>> Valuation
Valuation of shares in case of FDI under FEMA.

Valuation of business for various purpose.

Valuation for winding-up.

Valuation of business for the purpose of acquisition.

Intangible valuation.

How can we help:
We provide valuation services for any of the above purpose. We are certified valuer and in case of FDI, we fulfill the requirements of valuation of shares as prescribed under FEMA.
>> Direct Tax
The Direct taxes are in form of Income Tax levied on the profits earned by the entity during the year and Wealth Tax mainly on immovable properties owned by business enterprise. Withholding tax on payments made to vendors inside or outside the country is part of Direct Tax regime. Apart from Income Tax, Wealth tax is also levied in certain cases.

Our Role

Help in framing efficient tax structure at group level.

Transfer Price policy for Inter-company transaction.

Annual Return filing with Income Tax Department.

Withholding tax on payments made.

Periodic Reporting to Tax department.

Ensuring timely payment of all taxes.
>> Indirect Taxes
Depending on the nature of business, Indirect taxes are applicable to a business enterprise. They are mainly in form of Value Added Tax which is levied on goods and Service Tax which is levied on services provided.

Our Role

Framing tax policies

Periodic reporting to department.

Audit support services.

Annual return filing.